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britkneeee's Journal

17 July
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hi. my name is brittany. i had a livejournal for several years, and sadly after a lot of distractions & time away from my beloved computer, _litebrite kind of lost it's edge.

anyway now i'm eighteen life is awesome.
i've got virtually no restrictions on what i can do,
but at the same time i'm not stupid about it.
i've got a pretty level head & things don't really get to me.
friends are fantastic! i love many of them as i'd love my family.
i drive a chevy malibu that i'm in love with named baxter.
it's 100% mine and i love him to death.
i work at a daycare center with 2-3 year olds four days a week.
it rocks hardcore. they are such self-esteem boosters!
my friends range from rappers to d&d nerds, all ages, all awesome.
i'm incredibly open minded, and have a very big heart.
i smile alot, sing a lot of songs, & hug a lot of people.
i like to think someday i'll somehow make the world a better place.

i'm dating my best friend, scotty neenan, since dec 1st, 2006.
he's currently stationed in new river, nc & i miss him terribly every day.
semper fi, my marine! i love you. ♥

get to know me!
300, 50 first dates, air hockey, anchorman, beach boys, best week ever, billy joel, billy madison, blur, brand new, breakfast club, bright eyes, catcher in the rye, central park, chapstick, cheats, christmas, computering, cookies, cuddling, daft punk, dancing, dave matthews band, donnie darko, dorks, driving, eagles of death metal, elvis presley, empire records, fall, foo fighters, foood, forrest gump, fosters home for imaginaryfriends, frank sinatra, go dog go, going to the city, halloween, harry potter, hugging pat, hugs, i love the 80's/90's/whatever, ice cream man, internet, intervention, jimmy eat world, july, kisses, l-town, le tigre, led zeppelin, lord of the rings, making america obese, mary jane, mcdonalds, music, napoleon dynamite, neil diamond, new york city, party monster, pictures, pimp my ride (haha), pink floyd, pirates of the caribbean, playing with friends, queen, radiohead, rain, requiem for a dream, rocky horror picture show, rush, saturday night live, scott neenan, simon and garfunkel, singing, smoking, south park, stargirl, steve miller band, straylight run, sublime, summer, swimming, system of a down, taco bell, taking back sunday, texting ridiculous amounts, the angry beavers, the beach, the beatles, the eagles, the first one., the giver, the giving tree, the great gatsby, the harry potter series, the hobbit, the kinks, the postal service, the princess bride, the simpsons., the streets, the white stripes, thirteen, tom petty, tool, us marine corps, weezer, where the sidewalk ends, willy wonka.